Monday, April 4, 2016

Jigdraws: sea explorers; guess who is who in our gallery of history

The kids have been working hard on their "jigdraws" ready for a buddy session next term. They are now complete and available for perusal in the classroom. Parents are quite welcome at anytime to come at look at what their amazing offspring have been working on. The standard of illustration is very high and the kids worked hard on their designs.  I am so proud of the effort they all put in. The information panels are very interesting too. These have been written especially for a prep/1 audience and the students were  asked to make the content captivating but understandable for this age group. Unlike the "Through the Frame of History" piece which was written in first person, these were written in third person. Students looked at reliable sources on the web to find interesting facts.

Jigsaws housed in their boxes

The Macassan visitors to Australia harvesting sea cucumbers

In action

A real community of workers

Making the boxes