Sunday, November 13, 2016

Coral Tulloch's Visit

Two amazing guest speakers visited our class in week five as well as Mrs Klonaris’ 3-4 and the two prep/one classes. This was all possible thanks to the grant I received from ASG (Australian Scholarship Group this year). Coral Tulloch is an award winning author who has illustrated 60 fiction and non-fiction books for children, in Australia and internationally. Some of her books are The Journey, Phasmid and Sydney of the Antarctic. Coral had five sessions with our class. She talked about her personal writing process and lead students to design illustrations for creating imaginative texts. We were all very inspired by her passion for writing and storytelling! The PowerPoint presentation showing her time in the Antarctic was mind-blowing and the children were extremely focused.  We also had another children’s author, Julie Hunt, visit our class on Friday. Julie’s books include Coat, Kidgloves and Song for a Scarlet Runner. Julie listened to the students’ stories, talked about her writing process and gave helpful tips for budding writers. Coral will be returning for one more day at the end of this month to see what the students have been publishing.

Lucky lad with that rare book. Now signed!