Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Third Term: Major Focus - Geography

This term our focus in the classroom will be on geography, specifically looking at Australia and its states. Students will be writing their own story book about Australia with a Possum Magic or a Rosie and Mack Head Outback  type of feel to them. The unit started with a blank map of Australia and the children were asked to put in the names of the states of Australia, the capital territories and the oceans and straits. There was also a focus on the use of capital letters for proper nouns. The children were then given an atlas and asked to revisit their initial ideas and place things in the correct places. We discussed scale as well. Luckily all double units, now have access 30 brand new up-to-date atlases to refer to. Yes, there is the internet and google maps, but this is still kind of special! Below are two of the books being used to motivate the class and to jump start the unit. Below each book cover there is a link to reviews of these books which are both part of our classroom library.

Our First Geography Lesson: