Saturday, March 5, 2016

Week 5: Some new skills

We continued on with our letters inspired by The Day the Crayons Quit. Students started their drafts of their letters from either White Crayon or Black Crayon. Some of them are writing from their pencils' points of view. They made an  origami envelope from black and white optical illusion paper and learned how to correctly address an envelope. This will be the second letter for their stack. Here are the instructions if they want to make any more envelopes of their own. I have gathered up a selection of envelopes for them to choose from when they write their other letters.

I was out Tuesday afternoon at a leadership conference with the grade 6 house and vice captains and school council representatives. Mr Bucher  covered  the class that day.

A hands on maths task this week, started on Wednesday, included classifying nets which work and which don't work to make a cube. Some students took this home to complete as a homework task. There are eleven possible nets from which to construct a cube. We will be looking at these on Monday afternoon when the children return from the annual swimming carnival. I have dropped in lessons into Maths Online which relate the the current unit we are exploring on 2D and 3D shapes. Students can access these lessons at home through the Maths Online website provided they remember their password. Even if the lessons say they have passed the expiry date, students can still access and complete the tasks.

There is a new display up in the room of the students' representations of 3D shapes. Feel free to come in and have a browse. The students' portfolios are on the tote tray shelf if you wish to have a look through them.

Learning to throw and catch a frisbee lead to lots of fun on the middle and top courts on Wednesday afternoon, for twenty-five minutes. As a group they are working together well, being fair, encouraging and inclusive.  This was their reward for exemplary behaviour in their options of P.E, music and drama.

We had our second book buddies' session on Thursday afternoon where students visited Prep/1 Saunders, listened to the story The Redback on the Toilet Seat and the read to their buddies.
We also had our second library lesson and we are encouraging students to have a waterproof library bag.

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