Thursday, September 8, 2016

Study of Aboriginal Nations in Tasmania, pre Invasion

In this introductory lessons our children across the grade 3-4Coote/Klonaris unit were grouped into Aboriginal Nations. The object of this lesson was for the kids to understand that each nation in Tasmanian had its own unique way of life largely driven by their surroundings and affiliations with their immediate environments. They learnt how the Aboriginal People used the land, were environmentally aware and how they traded with each other to gain the necessities of life.  They had to choose items from a hands on display which they thought they would have used in their nations and explain what the objects they chose were and how they were utilised. Teamwork and consensus of opinion were put into practice beautifully by the students during this double lesson. All this work was followed up with a further four lessons in the classroom and a visit to the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery. I would like to thank you to Judy Hunter with her support and expertise during this unit. More photos of stage two to come showcasing the kids working on their group drawings in preparation for the very powerful From Gumnuts to Buttons session which followed our visit to the relevant galleries at TMAG.

There will also be some photos put up about our morning exploring the museum soon. But right now I'm off to Melbourne to visit my son. Hope everyone received the artwork sent home today.

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