Thursday, February 4, 2016

Week 1: the first three days of school

The children seemed excited to be back and they coped well with the fact that their stationery hasn't arrived. Each student does however have a maths book, a skills book and a pencil, oh yeah...and a that's a start at least. Goodies will hopefully arrive some time next week. 

Our first picture book of the year was "The Two Bullies" and the class seemed to enjoy making predictions about the text and writing their own speech bubbles for the cover of the book and then acted them out.  The value "respect" is the first major focus for next week. Everybody received writ band stressing the importance of actively caring for each other; our future social capital.

Cubes were also constructed using a given net and a discussion had about the attributes of this 3D shape. I am trying to develop the children's fine motor skills and today they followed an instructional text whilst learning how to score fold lines and cut along solid edges. I will be taking photos of the children participating in the activities and this will  be put on a disc which will accompany the mid year report home.

Spelling Bingo was a big hit and this will be played each morning. This week's words are "ai" words. I will run the game on the Monday morning to introduce and explain new words. The students will then run it for the rest of the week. Students will be given an accompanying unit of work to accompany the words at their level.

I also ran the Waddington reading test to gauge students' reading abilities. These results are available to parents upon their request.