Saturday, February 20, 2016

Week 3: Small summary and snippets

This week the focus has been on a-e words. Week four the focus will be on words with the "are" string in them such as beware!

Students are also writing an article about themselves based on The First Person segment which appears in  tasweekend  in The Mercury each Saturday. These are coming along nicely and will be published by the children over the next few weeks.

Maths Online is now set up and the children received  their individual logons and passwords on Friday. They can access this from home and will be supplied with some revision lessons initially, and then lessons at their level.

On Thursday the children experienced their first ever maths relay. They were in mixed ability groups and had a set of 18 questions to solve. Ask them to explain how it works to you. At conclusion of the relay, students filled in their group evaluation form and discussed the problems they found most challenging. We concentrate on unpacking the questions and building up a good bank of strategies to help them solve all types of space, number, measurement, pattern, chance and logic problems. Students are asked to thoroughly check if their answers are reasonable before submitting them.They will have a slightly harder relay early in week 4.
Some sample questions

Group evaluation
The colourful cubes they made in the first week were sent home today.

The children also experienced their first art lesson with Miss Middleton and worked on making stormy seas. These will be used next week in the second lesson as a backdrop.  They also started some surrealist collage work.

Stormy Seas
Surrealist pieces begun on Monday 15th be continued
Spanish started with us looking at the differences between a political maps and a geographical ones, and students learned the names of the countries in which Spanish is the predominant language. They have a special file for their Spanish work.

We are currently reading Charlotte's Web and this will be the novel we are focusing on this term Students will begin the unit this week making an interactive cardboard lap book which will have timelines, character and setting cards, vocabulary etc.

Our picture book this week was Frederick by Leo Lionni.

We talked about the values in the book. I haven't shown the children this beautiful animation and they may be interested to watch it so I have included the link here:

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