Friday, August 19, 2016

Book Week: an amazing cast of characters...

Book Week went magnificently and Malecifient was very proud of her book week crew. Apparently the first session which began at 9:10 of K-2 /3 was also fantastic. Blackmans Bay Primary School has a very long tradition of amazing Book Week "performances." Well, we were up on stage walking the walk and talking the talk at 11:10 with great compering by Mrs Wells and Mrs Hunter, lots of laughs. Some of the short interviews had us in stitches. We took photographs in our classroom before the event. Much geography was also done!  I threw out an awesome challenge and the kids exceeded the expectations, especially the blow fly who wore the tea strainers all day! A great set of ocelli! This was an exceptionally jumpy creature which could take off at the slightest flinch! And that Artful Dodger stole my watchWe hope you enjoy the photos:

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